Winter Thick Blankets With Zipper Quilt Cover Dual Purpose Double Sided Fleece Warm Bed Blanket Duvet Quilt Cover

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Product description

1. The fabric is thickened to keep warm, comfortable and soft, good drape, no ball, no fading, no lint, heat gathering and heating to keep warm
2. Multifunctional thermal quilt cover, blanket, can be used as a quilt cover, double-sided plus fleece, high-density flannel on the front, cashmere lining, thick and warm two-in-one
3. The zipper design is because some areas are colder, so can put the quilt inside and use it as a quilt cover, which will be warmer. If you mind, please don't buy it.
4.The product can be used as a blanket or quilt cover, with different fabrics of double layers. No filling.
1pc 100x150cm:
Quilt cover 100x150cm 1pc;
1pc 120x200cm:
Quilt cover 120x200cm 1pc;
1pc 150x200cm:
Quilt cover 150x200cm 1pc;
1pc 180x200cm:
Quilt cover 180x200cm 1pc;

Material: Polyester fiber (polyester)


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Lamb Cashmere Duvet Cover
Take care of you in the cold winterKeep warm fabric, rising temperature fastMultifunctional quilt cover/blanket dual -useFlannel+imitation lamb: Continuous warmth, lock the temperature
With a zipper blanket, it can be used as a quilt cover.Skin Friendly And Soft
No ball,no silk,no hair loss
BlanketQuilt Cover:The picture is displayed after filling, and the actual product does not include filling.


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