7 Chakra Stone Beads Bracelet

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Made of high-quality chakra crystal stone.

Adjustable length: (6-7.5) inches.

Color: 8 colors

Chakra stone diameter: 10mm


How do chakras affect my health?

- The energy center of our body is like a pool, letting energy flow from one to the next, as if they are connected by a small stream. Blocking the flow of the swimming pool can lead to the natural flow and distribution of this energy, thereby preventing our vital organs from obtaining important life energy. Over time, this powerful obstruction may begin to cause a disconnect between the body and energy, leading to the occurrence of diseases near the obstructed organ. By removing the blockages in the chakras, we are able to eliminate the blockages, we maintain a good connection with the vitality, so that our whole body and the energetic body remain connected with the vitality. This healthy connection with vitality enables us to maintain the best physical health and mental balance, thereby opening up health and wisdom.


Protect your jewelry:

 Please take it off when taking a bath, wash your hair, swim in the pool or sea, soak in hot springs, do housework, chemicals in shampoo, salt water in the sea.

Jewelry that is not worn should be stored in special storage boxes or sealed jewelry bags for easy storage and storage, and should not be placed in damp or exposed places for a long time.


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